April 2016

Püf Noktaları #7

You can remove coffee or tea stains in your cups by rubbing them with orange or lemon peel with a pinch of salt on them.

Püf Noktaları #6

Last 15 minutes for your guests’ arrival and you burnt the rice? No worries, here is a tip from Parex. Put some white bread crumb on the rice and serve it after 5-10 minutes. The crumb will remove the burnt taste off.

Püf Noktaları #5

Crystal chandelier or home accessories may lose its glimmer over time. Add three lemon juice in a bucket of warm water. Rub the crystals with mixture. You will see the difference in the first time.


Püf Noktaları #4

Your silver turned black? Once you rub them with tooth paste they will shine just like the first day.

Püf Noktaları #1

Its look is as important as its taste! To have a swollen omelette, mix one teaspoon of corn flour in a soup spoon of water. Add the mixture into the egg. Here is your omelette pleasing to your eye as well as your stomach. Bon appetite!